Quality Policy

One of the main assets of BWS Aduanas / BLUE WATER is the assessment by its business partners of the professionalism and dedication of our team. Our services are planned according to the level of demand of the sector, analyzing the environment and key processes and adapting to the ever changing needs and demands of our customers.
The management of BWS Aduanas / BLUE WATER is commited to quality and for this new management systems are implemented, new technologies are constantly incorporated in the field of information technology and communications, which make it easier for our company to always remain in a competitive advantage position. This advantage translates into greater agility in the contact with the interested parties, greater satisfaction and greater fidelity of the same.
Management is fully aware of the need to manage and evaluate the risks applicable to all processes, to plan actions as a basis for continuous improvement. The whole organization must aim to pursue and achieve this goal.
Quality is an effort to be developed by all departments and employees of BWS Aduanas/ BLUE WATER. It affects everyone and therefore there must be a firm commitment on the part of the entire company to continue on this path.
The commitment to quality results in greater satisfaction of our business partners and a greater benefit for BWS Aduanas / BLUE WATER, for this our staff is fully aware of the existing legal regulations in the sector that we are. We also want to enhance communication with all parties involved in order to meet their needs and expectations.
New technologies let us adapt every day to the demands of the sector and allow us a greater and faster communication, so we are aware that it is always essential to have a computer system as up-to-date as possible that contributes to the continuous improvement of all the organization.
Amadeu Outeiro